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Name That Store!

We here at gopherdrool.com have decided to give this e-commerce thing a whirl. Soon we will be selling our own line of t-shirts, sweat shirts, mugs and mousepads, but first we need your help. No, wait, come back! We don't need you in the sweat shop. Kathie Lee already set us up quite nicely there, thank you very much.

We need your ideas for:

  • A name for our online "store" (e.g. Loser Shop of Horrors, Prête á Potty)

  • A Loser Wannabe shirt to a) clothe the hungry and 2) keep the general public from trying to buy the grungy Loser shirts off our own backs

  • An Official Gopher Drool Mug

  • Original t-shirt and/or mug designs

Prizes WILL be awarded for the best suggestion for each of the above categories. If our extremely biased panel of judges chooses your design idea for the Loser Wannabe shirt, drool mug or original shirt or mug, you will receive one (1) of whatever it was you helped design. If you Name That Store, we will turn you loose in it for a mad, all-out, take-no-prisoners shopping spree during which you may select one (1) item of your choice from our vast range of merchandise, on the house. Not only THAT, but you'll be immortalized in our Credit Where Credit is Drool page, too. Such a deal!

So use the form below to submit your ideas. Enter as often as you like. If you are artistic and bent, er, of an artistic bent, please click here to see design/size specifications, come back to this page, select the applicable item category from the drop-down list below, then check the appropriate box below that, click the "Submit" button and we'll tell you where to send your graphic.

LEGAL MUMBO-JUMBO: All winning slogans and designs become the property of www.gopherdrool.com and The Not Ready for the Algonquin Roundtable Society. By submitting a slogan or graphic you a) agree to this and b) certify that you are the original author or artist of that slogan or graphic. If you lie, ooooooohhhhh are we gonna give you SUCH a hit.


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