The Depravda Editor's Choice Awards
Least Comprehensible Article or Series
"Paul Kondis Presents - Rotisserie League '97"
Lamest Lamelight
Kevin Cuddihy
Most Provocative Photo Sent to the Editor
Helene Haduch - "Merry Christmas"
Most Salacious Offer to the Editor (real or imagined)
Judy Daniel - "Why I Want Depravda"
Hey, Pal, I Am Going to Publish These Pictures If I Don't Win One of Your Damned Awards
Jennifer Hart
Dave Zarrow
Stephen Dudzik
Sandra Hull
Mary Olson

Chuck Smith Presents the Sonny Awards

Week 252, Make Your Movie: "Flipper: The Tragic Story of the Thalidomide Babies"
Sarah Worcester
Week ?, (sorry, we forget what this one was for but we're sure it was really disgusting and distasteful)
Jennifer Hart
Week 262, Campaign for One: "If elected, I will see to it that the trash recepticles in the girls' bathrooms are replaced with ones large enough to more readily accommodate dead infants."
Sandra Hull


50 Career Hits
Jessica Steinhice Mathews
Robin Grove
Paul Styrene
Tommy Litz
Sandra Hull
Art Grinath
100 Career Hits
Jean Sorenson
Jonathan Paul
David Genser
200 Career Hits
Jennifer Hart
Elden Carnahan
Tom Witte
300 Career Hits
Chuck Smith
Rotisserie Team Champions
The Joint Tortfeasors, coached by Elden Carnahan
Biggest Loser (based on estimated height and weight)
Dave Ferry
The Jan VerrEy Award
Jan VerrEy
The NRARS Lifetime Achievement Award (awarded to the highest bidder)
Dave Zarrow, for $10
Rookie of the Year
Barry Blyveis
Most Imporved Loser
David Genser
Least Imporved Loser
Stephen Dudzik
Loser of the Year
David Genser
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