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A Holiday Poem

by Phyllis Kepner

T'was the night before Christmas and Losers afar
Were plotting to blow up the car of the Czar...
And also to give a small party a whirl,
So they gathered together to kvetch, eat..and hurl.
Jen and Chuck were exchanging some Christmas Ho-Hos
As Elden kept count of their clever bon mots.
When Jonathan Paul, in full manger attire,
Showed up in his sheep hat; Maja came with a choir!
Romm and Beland arrived, and Russ landed a blow,
They elected to take their fight out in the snow.
Then Genser pulled up with a keg of cold beer,
Chang and Genz greeted him with a raucous loud cheer.
Running over to lend the beer meister a hand...
And with beer, naturally, came the whole Loser Band!
On Arnold. On Ferry, On Zarrow, so able,
To the top of the stairs, to the top of the table...
They drank until someone named Dave took a fall,
Chug-lug, chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug all.
Sue Lin and Sandra worked on New Year's Top 5,
Now and then checking outside, is Romm still alive?
Dalton e-mailed O'Byrne with a holiday rhyme,
Kevin C. called Mike E, it was past his bedtime.
"Ear Man" challenged Peyton to limerick fun,
Which ended when Broadus pulled out a big gun!
More rapid than eagles the Losers took charge,
Doyle grabbed Brian's hand, Strider twisted it hard.
"The guns filled with tequila," he yelled to the gang,
And as one, "Halleluiah" the Losers all sang.
Sarah Gaymon and Meg did some wild little jigs,
While Beth B, Jan and KatButt passed out - -nuts and figs.
Phyllis served up smorked beef as a warm canapé;
Romm and Beland, exhausted, just called it a day --
Not before, in a bid for at least "pity ink,"
Each exclaimed, "Uncle!" (to those depths they did sink!)
But the evening was festive, the jokes above par.
Mellema, with sarcasm, yelled,"God bless the Czar!"
Then we heard Santa call from his sleigh with great cheer,
"Gopherdrool to you all...and a heavy ink year!
Happy Holidays, PK
December 2000

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