King, NC September 5, 1999
Me with friend Angie from North Carolina and a former coworker of mine named Jeff(!), at their wedding. I had introduced them to each other. Such a yenta!
At home in Arlington August 2000
Doing one of my favorite things, snuggling up to someone I love.
Some sushi place in Washington DC, September 20, 2000
(l-r)Natasha, me, 11-ft tall Ross Brown
Alexandria VA, January, 2001
Loser Stu Solomon (who is also a coworker of mine) makes me look silly.

Washington DC, March 14, 2001
We are laughing because I just caught Dennis being naughty.
Arlington VA, March 29, 2001
I am thinking about organs. A LOT. That dress is loose-fitting, BTW.