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The Web Dominatrix

Stu Solomon's home page
aka "The Paris Site" (giggle). See pix of the Solomons' trip to France.
Allons enfants de la pâté foie gras!

Worst of the Web
"It's got some pretty lame stuff on it. For example, Stick Figure Death Theatre. May be worth a browse on a rainy day."
--Jonathan Paul

Bonus! Find out when the next rainy day will be: Yahoo! Weather

The Onion
America's Finest News Source

Sheer Phallacy
They don't dick around on this site. On second thought, yes they do!

We are proud to boycott
Fade to Black

Chris White's Top Five List
Look for Losers Chuck Smith and Jennifer Hart

Centre for the Easily Amused

DaVinci's Notebook
You know, that a cappella group.

The Straight Dope

"Where mature and witty folks meet and play."
--Paul Styrene

Harris Online
Paul Harris and Dave the Predictor
In cyberspace no one can hear you on the radio.

The Dilbert Zone

Think you've got what it takes to be a Loser? We dare you to enter this week's contest.
The Style Invitational*

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