NRARS Commemorative Medallion
Certificate of Authenticity

Sunday, July 11, 1999

This medallion was commissioned to commemorate the fifth annual Not Ready for the Algonquin Roundtable Society Loserfest. The obverse shows the date of our festival as well as a portrait of Charlottesville's most famous citizen at about the time of his infamous trip to France. Because it's Sunday, there is a reference to God. The reverse features a west elevation of the owner-designed home which we are abbut to visit. In honor of our founder, Lawyer Carnahan, there is some Latin gibberish that means he formed the organization from a motley bunch. This is our fifth Loserfest, so a "five" was inscribed on the reverse, along with the acronym for "Commemorative Event - Not to be Taken Seriously". This medallion was made at great expense at a prestigious facility in Philadelphia and transported to C'ville just in time for today's festivities. Brian & Peyton have agreed to absorb the bulk of the cost and offer this stunning remembrance for free, with a suggested level of purely voluntary recompense of $25.00 each.