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But first, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who entered. At the beginning of this contest, we dared to entertain hopes that the number of entrants would exceed the huge turnout that greeted the original NTK! (8). Happily, it did, and by well more than two. We here at NTK! couldn't be prouder or more grateful. So many people sent in so many wonderful names that it would have been possible for us to name all of the kitties here at NTK! Headquarters and still have names left over. But we didn't do that. What, do we look like we're made of Beanie Babies? Oh sure, maybe a little, but we still didn't do it. As in contest past, we did take the opportunity to name a few extra kitties. Descriptions of those kitties and convoluted explanations of their relations to one another appear below.

With such a vast number of entrants, it was not easy to choose the winners. Many names would have been quite good if we had only one or two kitties, and others would have worked best if we had just the four contest kitties. Among these were Urticaria, the scientific name for hives, from Barry Blyveis, Sneezy and Sniffles from Beth Baniszewski, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Jung from Stephen Dudzik and One of Four, Two of Four, Three of Four and Four of Four from both Jonathan Paul and Kate Clay. At the other end of the spectrum is Chuck Smith's poignant Mangy Bastard, which is far too universal, both inside and outside the feline world, to be applied to just one individual. Surprisingly, only one person, Dave Zarrow, suggested Thuermer. The best names by far were sent in by 3 3/4 year old William Merino, previously the subject of the fabulous Name That Baby! contest (winner; Mary Olson's Dan Marino Merino). Among William's fantastic suggestions were Hiding Kitty and Hiding Kitty Cat Behind the Flowers. However, since William is a member of the NTK! family, we felt it prudent to avoid the appearance of nepotism and choose worthy, albeit slightly lesser names.

We here at NTK! are especially grateful to those people who have supported our efforts to spay and neuter these kitties, particularly those who have given us huge amounts of money toward that end (if you will pardon the expression). In the event that this causes a few pangs of guilt among those who didn't, we would like to point out that it's not too late to contribute. And it's never too late to adopt a kitty. Or eight.


And now, (drumroll, please) here are the

Kitty Names ! ! !

Babs Kitty #1 is a short-haired calico with a white left hind paw. She is the mother of six kittens (two litters of three -- each litter had two males and one female), and has adopted her mother's habit of bringing locusts to her kittens.

(short for John the Baptist, who ate locusts)

from Marty Bredeck

Kitty #2 is also a short- haired calico with a white left hind paw. She is the mother of three male kittens and also brings locusts to her kittens, though she's probably imitating her older sister rather than her mother.

from Peyton Coyner

Blanche Deux Paws Kitty #3 is a short-haired calico. Both of her left paws are white. She is the mother of four or five kittens -- most likely four, but we don't know for sure. She was smart enough to have her kittens in the same place in which her mother had given birth a week or so earlier. They raised both litters (9 in all) together, with help from Kitty #4.

Blanche Deux Paws
from Sandra Hull

Kitty #4 is a long-haired calico with a white right front paw. She is the niece of Kitties # 1, 2, and 3 and was an 'only' kitten. She had kittens of her own, but apparently none survived. She helped care for the combined litters of Kitty #3 and her mother, and later adopted a scraggly little kitten who mysteriously appeared here at NTK! Headquarters one morning.

Mia Feral
also from Sandra Hull
Mia Feral


Other Winning Kitty Names:

  • Babs' Calico Daughter -- Ditto from Kate Clay

  • Babs' Long-Haired Orange Daughter-- Clementine from Leslie Jones.

  • Long-Haired Orange Male Kitten (a little brother of Babs, Midge and Blanche) -- Pumkin from Catlan O'Mally

  • Short-Haired Black Male Kitten (another little brother of Babs, Midge and Blanche) -- Poe from Amanda Chapman

  • Short-Haired Calico Female Kitten (a little sister of Babs, Midge and Blanche) -- Echo from Jim Zeigler

  • Short-Haired Orange Male Kitty (an uncle of Babs, Midge and Blanche)-- Snickers from Nancy Battista

  • Short-Haired Orange Male Kitty (younger brother of Snickers) -- Mandu from Chuck Asbury and sort of Stephen Dudzik, who sent in Mandoo

  • Long-Haired Black Female Kitty (sister of Mandu and Snickers) -- Asbury, because following his proposed kitty names, Chuck Asbury wrote, "Chuck Asbury, no that's my name, not another cat name." After reading that, we couldn't resist using Asbury as a kitty name.


Extra Credit goes to:

  • Mike Platt for correctly identifying and setting us straight on the proper names of Gidney and Cloyde, the Moon Men from "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"

  • Peyton Coyner for apparently remembering the initials of young Dan Marino Merino and using them in a kitty name

  • Patricia Hull (Sandra's mom) for her excellent suggestion of Florence Nightingale for Kitty #4. This was a close second to the winning name and proves that there is great kitty-naming talent in the Hull family

  • Greg Arnold for informing us that "aluminum spelled backwards is munimula." Thanks, Greg

  • Ralph Scott for directing us to the fabulous Waltham-sponsored kitty name web page. Waltham, as you may know, is the maker of Whiskas and Sheba, the best darned cat foods on the market. We point this out in the hope of getting free stuff from them.


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