November 3, 1998

To: Losers attending the Punkin Chunkin this weekend, November 7 & 8, 1998:

(Losers who would like to sleep with the pumpkins but who have not made hotel reservations should see the end of this message.)

By the way -- I had a wonderful message all composed, including everything everyone would want to know, expressed with wit and brilliance. Then, as I was getting one last little piece of information to include -- namely the directions from the Chunkin site to the hotel, my system crashed and I lost it all. So if you find anything unclear or incomplete in this message, be assured that it was expressed much better in the version I lost.

Schedule (both days):
10:00 AM Gates open
High Noon The Big Guns roll out.
Chunkin continues until around 5:00 PM
(I don't know if the chunking will start before noon or not.)

$5.00 admission
$1.00 parking
(I think the fees are charged separately each day.)

Meeting up:
The Chunkin site is 20 miles or so this side of Rehoboth beach, I believe, so it doesn't make much sense for us to try to meet up at the hotel before going to the Chunkin. Meeting at the Chunkin site will involve less driving and backtracking.

I am planning to get there around noon on Saturday. I think it will take me about 2.5 hours from Bowie, so it will probably take the rest of you about 3 hours, unless your feet are heavier than mine. Since the site this year is new, I don't really have any landmarks to suggest we meet near while watching the Chunkin, so here's what I would suggest: Each hour, on the hour, Losers who haven't hooked up with the other Losers should hang around the inside of the entrance gate (just inside of where you paid your $5) and the other Losers will either meet them there, or will send an envoy to escort the new Losers to the gathering point.

Directions to the Chunkin Site:
From DC Metro area: Take US 50 east toward Annapolis. Continue on 50 across Bay Bridge, stay on Rt. 50, turn left on MD 404 and follow signs to the beaches. Travel east on 404 until coming to US Rt. 113. Turn right (south) and travel to Millsboro until you reach Rt. 24. Turn left (east) onto 24 and travel through Millsboro fro approximately 1.5 miles. Turn left onto county road 305 and proceed north for approximately 3.5 miles to county road 306. There be pumpkins there.

I got these directions from www.punkinchunkin.com, which is the official site of punkin chunkin. They have a map there, too. Not a great map, but it is a map.

I dug out some local (Rehoboth) tabloids from last year that have ads for local restaurants in them. I'll bring them along and we can decide where we want to go.

If it is chilly, bring a sweater. If it is cold, bring a coat and gloves. If it is wet, bring a rain coat with a hood or something like that and boots. If you want to swim in the hotel pool, bring a bathing suit. If you want to enter the Miss Punkin Chunkin contest, bring an evening gown and spike heels.

For Losers who haven't made reservations:
The motel is:The Admiral Motel at 2 Baltimore Ave in Rehoboth Beach I don't know if they have any more rooms available, but you can try.

Their toll-free reservation number is: 888-882-4188

If I've left anything out of this message, be assured that it was in the original message that got lost when I crashed. Go ahead and prompt me for the information that I should have remembered to include here.

See you this weekend,

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