The Week 193 and XXXVIII Ringers

The Czar has on a number of occasions referred to the pressure exerted on him to tinker with the weekly results, to make them look more like America. His refusal to do that has been steadfast and adamantine, and to defuse suggestions that he is favoring a small group of regulars, he ran the first pseudonymous contest in Year 4, Week 193. Regular contributors were forbidden to enter under the own names, but were encouraged to adopt a false identity for that one week. Most of the winners selected for print turned out to be disguised regular Losers, that time and again when the same was done for Week XXXVIII of the Restored Style Invitational.
--Elden Carnahan

    Week 193 Pseudonyms:
  • John O'Brien = Chuck Smith - Winner
  • Charles Keatts = Peyton Coyner
  • Jay Morton = Elden Carnahan
  • Maggy Shannon = Charlie Steinhice
  • Michael Koch = Dave Ferry
  • Jacqueline Moore = Joseph Romm
  • Alexander B. Holcomb = Jennifer Hart
  • Kevin McTeague = Tom Witte
  • Q. Jura = Stephen Dudzik
  • Margaret Stone = Susan Reese
  • Joan D'Urso = Jean Sorensen
  • Mary Lou Boggiano and Mark Yosey = Chuck Smith
  • Michelle Fowler = Sandra Hull
  • Andy Kerlin = Dave Zarrow
    Week XXXVIII Pseudonyms:
  • Fred Hayes = Meg Sullivan - Winner
  • Joan D'Urso = Jean Sorensen
  • Aaron Hoffman = Lloyd Duvall
  • Elizabeth Mack = Joseph Romm
  • Susan Iato = David Genser
  • John Garcia = Joseph Romm
  • Tonda Sherk = James Pierce
  • Melanie Stephens = Sandra Hull
  • Annika Tallis = Chris Doyle
  • Alan Gerson = Martin Bredeck
  • Mark Shultz = Jonathan Paul
  • Spencer Thornton = Jennifer Hart
  • B.T. Wells = Chuck Smith
  • Mary Boggiano = Chuck Smith
  • Meghan Meredith-Sands = Chuck Smith


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