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Fortune Cookie Fortunes for Pets 10/11/01, Midnight Pacific SUBMIT - FORTUNE
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Date Topic
3/5/01 Reasons Cats Don't Go Into Politics
3/12/01 Euphemisms For "Getting Fixed"
3/19/01 Signs Your Pet Has Been Using Your Computer
3/26/01 Changes If The NCAA Basketball Tournament Were Run By Dogs
4/2/01 Things Pets Dislike About Kids
4/9/01 Worst Things About Being Married To A Pet
4/16/01 Things Overheard In The Office On Pet Owners' Independence Day
4/23/01 Signs Your Pet Has Been Laid Off
5/15/01 Signs Your Pet Is A Dot-Com Millionaire
5/24/01 Signs You've Hired A Bad Dogwalker
5/30/01 Highlights Of The Pet Parade
6/4/01 Cocktails For Pets
6/11/01 Signs Your Parrot Was Previously Owned By A Celebrity
6/18/01 Least-Known Steps In The Cat Adoption Process
6/25/01 Signs Your Pet Had A Party While You Were Out
7/3/01 Questionable Money-Saving Tips For The Home Aquarium
7/9/01 Bio-Engineered Pets We Would Like To See.
7/16/01 Reasons Pets Are Better Than Significant Others
7/23/01 Worst Puppy Training Tips
7/30/01 Euphemisms For "Pet Owner"
8/6/01 Lawsuits filed By Pets
8/13/01 Signs Your Pet Has A Substance Abuse Problem
8/20/01 Signs Your Pet Works For The CIA
8/27/01 Things Cats Do When No One Is Watching
9/4/01 Sitcoms Produced By Pets
9/10/01 REAL Reasons Why Your Dog Is So Happy To See You
9/17/01 Must-Have Gadgets For Yuppie Pets
9/24/01 Reasons Pets Aren't Welcome In Opera Houses
10/1/01 Least-Known Steps In The Dog Adoption Process
10/8/01 Ways To Hide Your Pet From The Landlord
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