presented at Phineas in the heart of Rockville MD, Sunday April 11, 1999

Least Improved Loser
Russell Beland (from 65 points in Year 5 to 40 in Year 6)

Losers who had their best year so far in Year 6
John Allen
Greg Arnold
Brendan Beary
Barry Blyveis
Brian Broadus
Michael Farquhar
Dave Garratt
Michael Genz
Greg Griswold
Jennifer Hart
Jessica Henig
Niels Hoven
Sandra Hull
John Kammer
Chris Kaufman
Brad Kelly
Courtney Knauth
Paul Kocak
Susanne Lazanov
Larry Marcus
Kelli Midgley-Biggs
T.J. Murphy
William Powell
Tom Shroder
Stu Solomon
Jean Sorensen
Bill Strider
Meg Sullivan
Dudley Thompson
Howard Walderman
Dave Zarrow
Most Improved Loser
Brian Broadus (from 5 points in Year 5 to 65 in Year 6)

Special Flushies Awarded at the Previous Night's Award Ceremony
Best Technical Effect In Any Entry: Greg Arnold
Best Sound and Lighting In an Entry to a Poetry-Related Contest: Sue Lin Chong
Best Cinematography: Sarah Worcester Gaymon
Best Producer for Loser-Related Events: Sandra Hull (Loserfest '98©)
Best Publisher of a Loser-Related Publication: None of the above

Losers Passing 50 Points in Year 6
Susan Reese (51)
Sue Lin Chong (62)
Meg Sullivan (64)
Brian Broadus (66)
Barry Blyveis (91)

Losers Passing 100 Points in Year 6
Sarah Worcester Gaymon (101)
Art Grinath (104)
Sandra Hull (119)
Dave Zarrow (120)
John Kammer (131)
Jonathan Paul (183)
Stephen Dudzik (191)

Losers Passing 200 Points in Year 6
David Genser (224)
Russell Beland (235)
Elden Carnahan (277)

Losers Passing 300 Points in Year 6
Jennifer Hart (305)
Tom Witte (310)

Losers Passing 400 Points in Year 6
Chuck Smith (401)

Year 6 Rotisserie Champions
The Indelible Inksportz
Stephen Dudzik, Captain
Barry Blyveis
Hank Wallace
Jerry Pannullo
Laurie Burdette
Paul Kocak
Sandra Hull

Year 6 Loser of the Year
Jennifer Hart (87 points)

"Musical" Selections by the Dueling Losers Band
Got Ink Twice, It's Alright

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