Style Invitational Week 279


WINNER : Niels Hoven

Week 279
... in which you were asked to write treacly inspirational poetry.

And the winner of the framed photograph of William Howard Taft on the back of a very beleaguered-looking horse :

A saddened young trichina worm
Sits in waste abuzz with with flies
"How can I ever save the world
Stuck here, in this?" he cries.

But soon he got his break in life
By way of too-rare pork
When he entered someone's body
On the meat upon her fork.

Then the lass went shopping
At her local grocery store
She bought a nice fresh cantaloupe
(She could afford no more.)

Later, in her kitchen
Her intestines made their purges.
And as her gut was speared by pain,
She let go her recent purchase.

The bag landed on the counter
Out the window flew the melon
It fell twelve stories through the air
And conked an escaped felon

The woman's pain receded
And soon she bought a Ford.
'Cause for the nasty felon
There was a nice reward.

Alas, the crook had no such luck
In fact, his time was up; he
Breathed his last, but his kidneys
Saved a starving orphan's puppy.

Because the puppy didn't die
The orphan kept his hope.
His faith in God was strengthened
He grew up to be the pope!

So remember life's great lesson:
To yourself be true.
Whether you're a pontiff
Or a squirmy worm in poo.

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