Style Invitational Week

What's Your Story?

WINNER : Sarah W. Gaymon, Gambrills

... in which we asked you to create a story around any four or more of these illustrations:

artwork by Bob Staake
Cartoons by Bob Staake

And the winner of the Michael Dukakis Halloween mask:

Once upon a time there was a wonderful, happy little boy (H) who lived with his mommy, who loved him very much. His daddy (D) also claimed to love him, even though he was consistently late with his child support and Mommy couldn't afford to have the washer fixed and she had to agitate the wash herself (K). Well, the judge said that the little boy had to spend every other weekend with his daddy and that cheap floo -- , uh, lady he married. That lady didn't like having a little boy running around, and decided to make sure he would never run around her house again. She pretended to be nice to the little boy all day, and then put sleeping pills in his dinner (N). After the little boy went to sleep, she mixed up a batch of cement (F) and when the little boy woke up he was (A) cemented into a big washtub! And he was never able to run around and play again. Wasn't it too bad that he got fooled by that lady his daddy married and actually ate something she cooked? Now, did you remember to put your toothbrush and toothpaste into your backpack? Daddy will be here any minute to pick you up.

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