Style Invitational Week

What's in a Name?

WINNER : Richard Grossman

... in which we asked you to emulate a recent magazine story about David Gergen that used only the letters in David Gergen's name.

And the winner of the Y2K Apocalypse book:

Monica Lewinsky: Well, I was, like, a woman, y'know. William was, y'know, like, a man. So I'm, like, so lonely. Willie is, like, well, Willie. Anyway, a wink, some skin, "lookie lookie," we make some nookie. Willie says, "Nice melons." I mean, like, wow! Willie was mine, I was Willie's. No one knew! So I'm, like, seein' Willie, only slyly. Anyways, I'm, like, callin' Lin. So we yak 'n' yak. I'm like, well, me 'n' Willie, y'know? Lin's like, "Wow, Willie?" So I say, "Yes, Willie."

Anyway, now Lin knows. Once I was, like, "Lin, is a click on my line?" Lin says, "A click? No." Well, as we all know now, a click WAS on my line. Now, Ken comes in. Now I'm, like, NEWS! Monica mania! I'm, like, a mess. Ken is, like, so asinine. Ken was on a mission. Ken is, like, soooooo my enemy! Lin was so sneaky. Lin is a swine. Oink oink. Willie? Well, I say Slick Willie will owe someone some alimony. Me? Well, now I'm, like, a well-known woman. Now I can make me some money. Way cool. Awesome.

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