Style Invitational Week

Punch Us

WINNER : Jennifer Hart, Arlington

... in which we asked you to complete one of seven jokes we began.

And the winner of the Goldwater bumper sticker:

Two diners at the Inn at Little Washington are shocked to discover on the restaurant's menu a dish of "hickory-smoked possum jowls in pancake syrup." They summon the waiter and . . . . .

complain that the dish sounds disgusting. "But, madame et monsieur," the waiter says, "I assure you jowl of opossum is a rare delicacy, and these are rotisserie-smoked to crispy perfection and served on a bed of warm arugula with tender shiitake mushrooms. And the sauce is a '97 Chateau Butterworth." Impressed, the diners order the dish. "An excellent choice," says the waiter, backing away with a bow. He then goes into the kitchen and bellows: "Hey Louie, gimme two rat cheeks in sap!"

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