Style Invitational Week

Take My Life - Please

WINNER : Don Burdett, Arlington

... in which you were asked to come up with celebrity entries for Style's "Life Is Short" feature, in which people describe their lives in 100 words or fewer.

And the winner of the musical ice cream scoop:

Maybe life is short. However, it is much too long for 97 words, or 98, or even 99. But everything is open to interpretation. What does "in" 100 words truly mean? Does it mean that the entirety of one's life must be summarized within that stricture? Arguably, since life itself is episodic, it may also be expressed in an episodic fashion. To wit, that one would not violate the "100 word" ruling if . . .
– William J. Clinton, Chappaqua, N.Y.

. . . one submitted multiple entries in series, much as life itself is presented seriatum, so long as each entry were held to 100 words or fewer. What would the judges say about that? It's open to debate and maybe appeal, a long, costly appeal that would do no one any good, and would wisely be avoided. Now, the fact is, my life story begins in a small town called Hope, Arkansas, where . . .
– William J. Clinton, Chappaqua, N.Y.

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