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Contrary to popular belief, Losers are not just whining, sniveling, self-centered cretins. We're whining, sniveling, self-centered cretins who occasionally take time out from writing cinquains and cryptograms to help our fellow sentient beings. Here are a few of the do-gooder projects we endorse:

The "Loser Baby" SHARE HexagonJeRM

Got a pet charity that wouldn't be hampered by having Losers get involved? E-mail Sandra Hull

Artist's conception - we didn't REALLY send her a Loser shirt. Sheesh.   THE "LOSER BABY"

Thanks to the initiative of Chuck Smith and cash donations from Losers like you, young Moumita Das of Afjalpur, India benefits from Loser sponsorship through Children International*.

At each Loser brunch Chuck collects cash from Losers in order to meet the monthly sponsorship fee. One dollar per Loser per month usually exceeds that quota. Extra cash is used for birthdays, holidays, etc. That's Moumita's birthday, not yours.

Want to help? You have several options:

  • Slip Chuck a buck at the next brunch.
  • Send your donation electronically either via PayPal*, using "loserbaby@gopherdrool.com" as the e-mail address or via Amazon Honor System
  • We'll also accept your check made out to Children International. (It's for a good cause so we know you won't write a bad one--right?) Contact Chuck Smith for check-sending details.
  • Purchase items from any or all of The Droolery, America's Funniest Office Products Dealer, amazon.com, and alibris.com using links found in this sentence and throughout the gopherdrool.com web site. Moumita gets a taste of the proceeds.

Read: July 1998 Letter from Moumita | January 1999 Letter from Moumita

About Moumita:
Date of Birth:1/16/94
Father: Biren
Mother: Mala
House: One multi-use room, earthen stove, sleep on floor with a mat, mud house, water from community well, no electricity
Sanitary facility:Open field
Money goes toward:Medical and dental care, help for the family, nourishing food, clothing.

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Sue Lin Chong provides this information: SHARE (Self Help and Resource Exchange) is a self-supporting,non-profit food network made up of community partnerships. SHARE opened in the Washington metropolitan area in 1990 to serve residents in MD, NoVA, DC. SHARE helps families and individuals save money on groceries, while helping the community through volunteer service.

SHARE Volunteer Opportunities
Bagging Volunteer:Baggers help SHARE with its monthly food distribution by breaking down bulk foods such as potatoes, rice, onions, into smaller portions. Bagging takes place during a one week period each month. No appointments are necessary. You are welcome to stop by at your convenience at any time during bagging week. Helping for a couple of hours on a Saturday would be great!
Food Distribution Volunteer: During SHARE's monthly food distribution, volunteers help pass out food on SHARE's "split tables." They also work loading cases of food onto pickup trucks or vans at the warehouse doors. Please call SHARE to let them know you are coming to help so they can schedule a job for you.

For info call Mary Beth Klick or Jim Wilson at (301) 864-3115.

SHARE is located at 5170 Lawrence Place, Door #4 Hyattsville, MD

Directions: Take Route 50 heading east from DC and cross line into Prince George's County; stay in right lanes to continue on Rt. 50 (splits from Balt-Wash Parkway) and take second exit to Kenilworth Avenue north. Go to second traffic light and immediately after that light, turn right onto 52nd Avenue. Continue three streets and Lawrence Place is third street on right. SHARE warehouse is at end of street on the left side - look for blue and white SHARE sign.

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HEXAGON, a nonprofit, membership organization, each year produces Washington's only original, political, satirical, musical, comedy revue to sold-out audiences.

Through its over forty-year history, HEXAGON has contributed more than $2 million to more than thirty Washington area charities.

Losers involved in HEXAGON shows as writers, players and even seamstresses include Ellen Lamb, Art Grinath, David Genser, Chuck Smith, Jonathan Paul and Sandra Hull.

Details on this year's show can be found at The Hexagon Home Page*

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JeRM Productions

JeRM produces its own award winning community-based theater season in the Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. area. Casting for JeRM shows is open to all and JeRM uses non-traditional casting standards. JeRM's Marketing Director is our own Ellen Lamb.

Find out more by visiting the JeRM Home Page*

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