(received July 1998)

Dear Sponsor:

     I am a social worker.  Moumita is very small and she cannot write.  So I am writing this letter on her behalf.  First, she sends you her love.  Everyone of her family is fine.  She hopes that you are also fine.  She and everyone of her family are very happy to get you as a sponsor.  They want to thank you for that.  Moumita has got admission in school this year.  Moumita has two younger sisters.  Her youngest sister is only two years.  Moumita is also small. She has drawn a picture for you at the back of the letter.  There was a big fair in the village a few days ago.  There is a guava tree in her house and there are many fruits.  She loves to eat guava. 

Srati Mahanto,
for your sponsor child Moumita Das

1/99 Letter from Moumita
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