Style Invitational Weekly Winner #232

Style Invitational Week 232

Primal Urges

WINNER : Jacob Weinstein


  Week 232
in which you were asked to come up with an alphabet primer for the 1990s.
  • U is for Ultramontanism, the policy that absolute authority in the church should be vested in the pope,
  • V is for Valetudinarian, a sickly person, in particular one so morbidly concerned with health as to be practically without hope,
  • W is for Wernicke's encephalopathy, a brain disease caused by thiamine deficiency,
  • X is for Xanthomatosis, a condition in which the afflicted individual has far more than enough lipids to form a sufficiency,
  • Y is for Yohimbine, a poisonous alkaloid, C21 H26N2O3,
  • Z is for Zoospore, a fungus capable of independent motion through the use of a whiplike structure called a flagellum. Congratulations. You just earned a PhD.


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