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Ears No One Reads

Remember those arcane credits for "The Ear No One Reads"? Unless you were paying attention during the "Journalism" module in your junior high school English class, you might not have even known what an ear was, newspaperwise, and so seeing how many people knew what and where the Ear No One Reads was drove you batty, didn't it? Well, since the Ear is no more, we'll tell you: it was on the upper-right hand corner of page F1 every Sunday. Never noticed it, did ya? That's why they called it the Ear No One Reads! Duh!

Truth is, lots of folks did read it and small percentage of them wrote it, from the Czar himself in his Faerie guise, to hard-core Losers, to people unknown to us but who got the joke and helped keep it going from Week 42 until the end of Year 5, when the Ear was doomed by the advent of the Post's fabulous new presses. For a short time in Year 6 Ear-like items appeared in various spots in the Sunday Style section before the whole concept followed the Faerie of the Fine Print into oblivion.

Sorry now that you missed out on all the fun? Don't worry, we here at gopherdrool.com have put together a compendium of Ears from the very first one right up to the last. You're welcome.

The Web Dominatrix would like to thank Mike Hammer, Jennifer Hart and Elden Carnahan for lending her their Ears and Bill Strider for catching Earrata. Special thanks to Jennifer for providing the pertinent fine print text.

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